Ventilation Systems: Four Basic Types

Good ventilation in your San Antonio home is an integral aspect of maintaining your optimal indoor air quality. Too often homeowners will spend a ton of time and money in weatherizing and air sealing their homes, but when houses are too well-sealed it can prevent a healthy exchange of fresh air. Homes with this problem often feel stuffy, have high humidity and unnecessary odors, plus occupants may complain of frequent allergy and respiratory issues. To re-introduce a healthy air exchange into your indoor environment, consider the addition of a whole-house ventilation system.

A whole-house ventilation system exchanges your stale inside air with fresh air flowing outside. There are three main types of whole-house systems from which to choose:

  • Exhaust Ventilation. This type of system utilizes a fan to remove the air inside a building and push it outdoors. Because it can create a negative indoor pressure within a tight home, exhaust systems are best used in homes with open floor plans.
  • Supply Ventilation. This type of system utilizes a fan to deliver fresh outdoor air into a building. This air is filtered, thus making it a great choice if any family members have allergy or other respiratory problems. The filtered air is pushed through your system’s central HVAC equipment to be heated or cooled before being circulated throughout your home. Most supply ventilation systems also feature exhaust fans in places that have excessive moisture and odors, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Balanced Ventilation. This system equally exchanges the air between your indoor and outdoor environments. During the summer, this system also transfers the heat from ingoing air to the air that is being flushed out of your home. This results in a lower cooling load on your air conditioning unit. During the wintertime, the system works in the opposite way and reduces the load on the furnace, thereby putting less strain on your HVAC system year-round.
  • Energy Recovery. This type of system contains all the attributes of a balanced ventilation system, while also transferring humidity.

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