The Benefits of Hydro Jetting for Any Sewer or Drain Problem

If you have never heard the term, hydro jetting refers to a modern technique for drain cleaning which is the most efficient, most economical, and most environmentally safe way to have a drain cleaned. This process makes use of water under varying amounts of pressure that is injected into a sewer line and directed at specific areas by special nozzles that can generate forward and reverse jets of water which effectively remove sludge, debris, tree roots, and everything else that shouldn’t be there.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Unlike snaking a sewer line, hydro jetting does not just bore a hole through sludge and other impediments — it literally removes them entirely by sending jets of water all the way to the sidewalls of the sewer pipe and flushing away the obstacle. Restaurants are frequent users of hydro jetting for plumbing problems, since a great deal of grease and sludge tends to go down their drains.

Snaking a sewer line is generally done when minor blockage seems to be the problem, because this method does well at removing clumps of hair or small obstructions, but snaking simply doesn’t measure up to the high powered effectiveness that hydro jetting can deliver. As long as the walls of a sewer line are undamaged and intact, hydro jetting can be used with its wall-to-wall cleaning jets to remove almost anything. Generally a small camera lowered into the sewer line can verify that before beginning.

The benefits of hydro jetting invariably include fewer maintenance calls for a given residence or business in a year, because it always leaves pipes cleaner than any other cleaning method. With fewer calls, there is much less down time for a business or residence, and a resulting savings in maintenance costs.

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