Summer Plumbing Problems You Should Know About

If you are like most San Antonio homeowners, chances are you have encountered summer plumbing problems at some point. The warmer summer months are often a culprit for several plumbing issues that may not occur during other times of the year. Here are five of the most common summer problems that you should look out for:

  • Clogged disposal. Are you a cookout aficionado? If so, its important to be aware of how you dispose of waste and leftover food. Used cooking oils and hard fruits and vegetables, like corn or watermelon, are hazardous to your in-sink garbage disposal. These items damage the unit’s blades and lead to stubborn clogs. Best to dispose of these items outdoors and run cold water through your in-sink garbage disposal before use.
  • Sewer line backups. Texas is prone to heavy summer rain showers and thunderstorms due to the region’s afternoon heat build-up. This excessive rainfall can leak into sewer pipes through various cracks, which can cause sewer line backups. If you see your toilet water backing up into your bathtub drain, its time to call an experienced plumber.
  • Washing machine maintenance. If you have children out of school, you may have have a washing machine that gets an extra workout. The extra stress can lead to malfunction in older machines. Be sure to stay at home when your washing machine is running so that, if an issue arises, you can stop the cycle and call an expert if needed.
  • Clogged toilets. Again, if you have kids who are out of school for the summer, your toilet will likely be seeing a lot more action. Ensure your kids only use a modest amount of toilet paper and flush appropriately. While most clogs can be cleared with a plunger, call a professional if you require additional aide.
  • Sprinkler issues. Inspect and clean your sprinkler heads before summer begins. Also, be sure sprinkler heads are lowered before mowing the loan to prevent accidental damage.
  • To learn more about solving common plumbing problems, contact your local experts at Beyer Boys, serving San Antonio and surrounding South Texas areas since 1990.

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