Simple Toilet Fixes You Can Make Yourself

A continuously running toilet can really interfere with a good night’s sleep. But it can be much more than annoying. That running toilet can waste 200 gallons of water per day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And do you really want to be paying for all that water that you don’t use? Fixing a running toilet isn’t all that hard. Try the following:

  • Reattach the fill tube: Remove the tank cover, and locate the tube connecting the fill valve to the overflow tube. If it’s not in position to squirt water into the overflow tube, firmly push it back into place. It should be perched about an inch above the overflow tube’s rim.
  • Adjust the float: Locate the fill-level mark inside the tank, and then flush and monitor the water level. If it fails to reach the mark, adjust the float, and flush again. Repeat until the water reaches the proper level. If you can’t locate the mark, measure down about an inch on the overflow tube, and mark there.
  • Check the fill valve: The water level should never fall more than an inch below the critical level mark on the fill valve. Although most valves can be adjusted, sometimes a valve has to be replaced. Replacement valves fit most trusted brands and can be swapped out in about 15 minutes.
  • Resize the flapper chain. If the flapper chain is tangled, or if it’s too short, the flapper may not close properly, causing the toilet to continuously run. The simple fixes are to untangle or resize it. It should have about an inch of slack when the flapper is closed. If the flush rod strikes the tank lid, bend it slightly, and readjust the chain.

If these simple fixes don’t correct your problem, you may need to change the flapper, which usually requires an exact match. Although universal varieties are available at home-improvement stores, they often fail, and the overflow tube/flapper assembly may require professional replacement.

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