Install Anti-Scald Valves to Help Regulate Water Temperature

If you’re like most area residents, you probably have smoke detectors in your San Antonio home to protect against fire and CO detectors to guard against dangerous carbon monoxide. But have you considered the importance of installing anti-scald valves for protection from hot water burns? According to recent statistics, more than 2,000 children plus many seniors are scalded each year in America. With the easy and inexpensive installation of anti-scald valves, many of these burns could be avoided.

Although the thermostat for your water heater should typically be set at no more than 120°F, it may be set higher and you could be unaware of how to turn it down. It only takes about one-half second for a scald to occur from 160°F water. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to hot water burns because of the sensitivity of their skin.

Fluctuations in water temperature are not only a nuisance but can present a safety hazard as well. If you’ve ever been in the shower with the temperature set exactly where you want in and then someone flushes a toilet elsewhere in the home it could cause an abrupt change in your water temperature. As cold water is drawn off to fill the toilet the mixture of hot and cold water in your shower will become unbalanced, with the water suddenly becoming too hot.

The opposite could also happen if someone starts running hot water for the washing machine or dishwasher while you’re showering. The water coming from the showerhead will suddenly turn cold. The surprise that comes with this sudden temperature change could cause you to slip and fall as you rush to readjust the temperature controls. Anti-scald valves work to keep an even temperature by regulating the hot and cold water mix when either is suddenly reduced. They prevent sudden temperature fluctuations.

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