Clearing A Clogged Drain, Step By Step

Even the most careful homeowner has to deal with a clogged drain every now and then. Food particles, grease, hair and an assortment of other items can keep your sink from draining properly. Fortunately, clearing clogged drains is not difficult, if you know the steps. Clearing all but the most difficult clogs should take no more than an hour.

Steps for clearing clogged drains To clear your drain, you’ll need to have the following tools and materials on hand: an allen wrench, a pipe wrench, a clamp, a plunger, a pair of pliers, some baking soda and some plain vinegar.

  • Drain the sink. Begin by getting rid of the standing water. Try using a plunger to see if you can loosen the clog. If that doesn’t work, use a saucepan or small bucket to bail the water.
  • Check the garbage disposal (if applicable). You may need to unplug your garbage disposal if your sink is attached to one and turn the blades by inserting an allen wrench into the slot at the base of the unit. (Don’t ever put your hand in the top of the garbage disposal.)
  • Clean the P-Trap. If plunging doesn’t clear your clogged drains, you’ll need to clean the P-trap. This is the curved pipe directly below the drain. First, put a bucket under the drain and carefully dissemble the pipe with a wrench. Clear the debris and put it back together.
  • Refresh the drain. After you remove the clog, sweeten the drain by pouring a mixture of a half cup baking soda mixed with a half cup vinegar down the drain. Cover it for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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