A Comprehensive Ventilating System: What Every Airtight San Antonio Home Needs

Home builders now know that a ventilating system must be an integral part of an airtight home. This is because an airtight home, while lowering energy costs, can also have indoor air quality problems, because indoor pollutants have no way to escape. Fresh outdoor air can’t get into the home either. If you have an older home that was built without a mechanical ventilating system, and you’ve made great strides in improving your home’s airtightness, here’s what you need to know about comprehensive ventilation.

A ventilating system

Simply put, a ventilating system has two means of circulating air through a home. A supply vent provides a way for outside air, which is generally less polluted than indoor air, to enter the home, replacing polluted indoor air through a second vent that exhausts the indoor air. The installer sets the system for a healthy rate of air exchange, and the intake and outtake fans pull and push the air to ensure optimal air quality.

Types of ventilation systems

You have options when it comes to choosing a system. Heat recovery ventilation systems employ a heat exchanger to strip some of the energy in the outgoing air and restore it to the incoming air supply. Essentially, it preheats and pre-cools the air, reducing operating costs.

Energy recovery ventilators operate the same way, except that in addition to stripping energy from the air, they also strip moisture from the incoming supply during summer. In that way, humidity in your home won’t climb when the energy recovery ventilator runs. In the winter, the ERV strips moisture from the outgoing air, adding moisture to the incoming supply so that you can manage humidity over the season.

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