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Blog Title: What tips need to be kept in mind while buying a home air conditioner?
What tips need to be kept in mind while buying a home air conditioner?
Category: Ground Source Heat Pump Maintenance Post By: SCOTT E (Portland, OR), 06/10/2016

"Home air conditioner has an important role to play in making our lives comfortable. However, if certain tips are not followed while buying a home air conditioner, the hassle of maintaining an air conditioner can be even greater. Thus, let us thus have a look at the factors that need to be considered. First of all the efficiency of the air conditioner must be considered and an appliance that has a higher efficiency must be purchased. The indicator of energy efficiency is the Star Rating. Thus, an air conditioner which has more number of Star Ratings is considered highly efficient. So it is clear that buying an air conditioner with several Star Ratings is always the recommended thing to do. Secondly, warranty provided by the air conditioner company is another important consideration. Hence, only such an appliance needs to be bought which has at least a warranty of one year. This way you can be sure that if the air conditioner starts malfunctioning within a year, it will be repaired free of cost. Thirdly, buying an air conditioner with a variable speed motor is always a good idea. It might be a costly deal but in the long run, the investment proves worthwhile because in case of variable speed ACs, the consumption of electricity is lesser. The distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit must be also considered because more the distance between the two units, lesser is the energy efficiency. Lastly, it is always good to buy a unit, the cleaning of which is not a difficult task."

- DENNIS C (Wichita, KS), 07/10/2016
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