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Blog Title: What are the differences between a commercial and a residential air conditioning system?
What are the differences between a commercial and a residential air conditioning system?
Category: Wall Heating And Air Conditioning Post By: PETER D (Minneapolis, MN), 06/10/2016

"In case of air conditioning both commercial as well as residential air conditioners are of prime importance. This is because just as a household needs a comfortable temperature within the house, similarly, a comfortable climate is required for a commercial set up so that the business operates properly. However, there are certain differences between the commercial and residential air conditioning system. The very first difference is the location. A commercial unit is located generally on the rooftop while the residential unit is located outside the building either beside or behind it. As the commercial units are located on rooftop, they do not take up valuable interior space and also spare the people within a commercial setup from unnecessary sound pollution. A commercial unit is a packaged one while the residential units are split systems. The commercial units generally are within a single package or a single cabinet. Only the ducts and the zone dampers are within the house while the rest of the unit is outside. In case of the residential air conditioning systems, there is the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The commercial units have a modular structure while the residential units have a standalone structure. Last but not the least, the commercial units are more complex in nature as they have to cool a larger area and at the same time, they have a more elaborate drainage system when compared to the residential units."

- CARL A (Tulsa, OK), 07/10/2016
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