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Blog Title: How does geothermal heating and cooling works and what are the advantages?
How does geothermal heating and cooling works and what are the advantages?
Category: Air Conditioning House Post By: EDWARD H (Indianapolis, IN), 06/10/2016

"Geothermal heating and cooling is considered a cost effective method of altering the temperature inside the homes. This is because this particular method of heating and cooling takes advantage of the constant temperatures of the ground and that is the reason even during extreme temperatures the inside of the homes remains moderately cold or hot. During the winter season, the ground loop of the heat pump circulates water that absorbs heat from the ground and transfers it to the indoor heat pump. This heat pump in turn extracts heat from the water and circulates it throughout the home. While during the summer season, the indoor heat pump extracts heat from the indoor air and the result of which is, cold air remains in the room to be circulated through vents, which in turn acts like an air conditioning. Now let us have a look at the advantages of the geothermal heat pump. First of all, they might be expensive initially but in the long run they have a low cost of operation and that is the reason, the investment on geothermal heat pump seems worthwhile. Secondly, geothermal heat pumps have a quieter mode of operation as they do not have an outdoor unit and they are not easily subject to any kind of wear and tear. And lastly, geothermal heat pumps are a lot more environment friendly when compared to other modes of heating and cooling. "

- RONALD F (El Paso, TX), 07/10/2016
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